Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags

Hippo Sak® Tall Kitchen Trash Bags with Hand-Friendly Handles are 10 times stronger than similar trash bags on the market.  We use innovative technologies when making our our 4-ply extra wide Hand-Friendly Handles, Super Strong Film, our patented PowerStrip® Reinforced Bottom – which means no more leaks, holes or tears with our bag!  So go ahead, toss out those painful drawstrings and throw away those leaky bags! With Hippo Sak® it’s GARBAGE. HANDLED.

Guaranteed Stronger than the Leading Brands


    Our ergonomic, comfortable handles make it much more convenient to empty a full trash bag. And our snug fit opening grips the can, keeping the bag securely in place.  Easy to lift, easy to tie, easy to carry. So much easier on your hands.  Drawstrings have nothing on our handles.


    Our Tall Kitchen Trash Bags are made from a special material blend that is thicker than the leading brands, and prevents punctures and rips.  Add to that the 4-ply extra wide handles that won’t stretch or tear and you’ve got one super strong bag.  In fact, it’s 10 times stronger than the leading brands!


    Our Patented PowerStrip® Technology creates a reinforced bottom seam on our bag, making it 10 times stronger than similar tall kitchen trash bags. This helps keep all your garbage where it belongs — In the bag.


    We add an Extra 2 inches to the length of our bag, ensuring that it stays securely in place when your trash can is completely filled.  Trash won’t overflow when you unload the bin and you can fill the bag with more trash.  Since our bags have hand-friendly handles, super strong film and a reinforced bottom seam, they can handle a full load.  That also means fewer trips to unload – Finally, a win for the guy taking out the trash!

    Our bags have Extra stretch along the sides, allowing for a snug fit on all 13 gallon tall kitchen trash cans, even the odd shaped ones.  Simply open our static free bags and pull the handles around the outside of the trash can with ease as it stretches to perfectly fit your can.  No need to worry about tearing a hole through weak film or struggling to stretch the drawstrings to fit around the can. With our tall kitchen trash bags, lining your trash can is effortless!



Capacity:    13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Bags

Thickness:    26 Micron

Quantities:    Unscented: 15 count, 45 count, 90 count, 140 count, 270 count                                  Scented: 40 count, 80 count

Features:    Hand Friendly Handles, Super Strong, Reinforced Bottom

Scents:  Unscented and Clean Linen

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