Tall Kitchen Trash Bags with Handles

Our original Tall Kitchen Trash Bags with Hand-Friendly Handles are 10 times stronger than similar trash bags on the market – which means no more leaks, holes or tears!  With Hippo Sak® it’s GARBAGE. HANDLED.

Plant-Based Tall Kitchen Bags

The ONLY trash bag Made From Plants! We use sugar cane instead of fossil fuel to produce these bags, which reduces our carbon footprint. Take Out the Trash – Without Trashing the Planet.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Kitchen Bags

Introducing our Recycled bag made from plastic collected off beaches in developing nations before it gets into the ocean!  It’s Time to Turn the Tide on Ocean Pollution and Poverty!

Large Trash Bags with Handles

Hippo Sak 30 Gallon Large Trash Bags are perfect for your heavy duty disposal needs. These bags can be used for your household chores, indoors or out. The rugged handles make the bag easier to lift, tie and carry.

Extra Large Trash Bags with Handles

Hippo Sak 33 Gallon Extra Large Trash Bags are puncture proof bags that can hold a full load of leaves, twigs, grass and more without worrying about holes or tears.

Basics and Quad Tie Tall Kitchen Bags

Affordable and strong, these quad ties bags are 4 inches taller and hold 33% more than other flap tie trash bags.  These bags are a bargain shopper’s dream!

Guaranteed Stronger Than the Leading Brands

Top Rated & Eco-Friendly Trash Bags