Hippo Sak Ocean Bound Plastic Tall Kitchen Bags

Hippo Sak 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Trash Bags are made from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic. This Ocean plastic was collected from beaches in developing nations BEFORE it entered the ocean to reduce pollution. Then this Ocean Bound Plastic is used to make these Super Strong & Environmentally Friendly Tall Kitchen Bags – the recycling process is how they get their gray color. They also have our patented PowerStrip® reinforced bottom technology, making them 10 TIMES STRONGER than similar bags. Just like all Hippo Sak® products, our bags are guaranteed to have no more leaks, holes or tears.  Best of all, the collection of this Ocean Bound Plastic has resulted in new jobs, allowing impoverished families to have work that provides food, shelter and educational opportunities that were not previously available.

So, feel good that you are helping turn the tide on ocean pollution & poverty while keeping your kitchen clean!

Guaranteed Stronger than the Leading Brands


    As much as 12 million tons of plastic enters the ocean from developing countries each year, partially because many of them do not have organized trash collection services.  Hippo Sak is excited to do our part to help reduce the effects of this issue by partnering with a company who is collecting Ocean Bound Plastic from these areas to bring you this strong, Environmentally Friendly new bag!


    Collection of Ocean Bound Plastic is a large task!  As a result, over 9,000 jobs have been created in the developing nations, such as Haiti that we are currently working with.  These jobs mean that previously unemployed parents are able to provide food, shelter and even an education for their children that they previously could not.  For every Super Sack of Plastic collected, a family of 4 can eat for a month.  Additionally, children of these employees are able to attend schools and have the cost of their tuition, uniforms and books subsided.


    Our ergonomic, comfortable handles make it much more convenient to empty a full trash bag. And our snug fit opening grips the can, keeping the bag securely in place.  Easy to lift, easy to tie, easy to carry. So much easier on your hands.  Drawstrings have nothing on our handles.


    Our Tall Kitchen Trash Bags made with recycled ocean plastic are stronger than the leading brands, and prevents punctures and rips.  Add to that the 4-ply extra wide handles that won’t stretch or tear and you’ve got one super strong bag.  In fact, it’s 10 times stronger than the leading brands!


    Our Patented PowerStrip® Technology creates a reinforced bottom seam on our bag, making it 10 times stronger than similar tall kitchen trash bags. This helps keep all your garbage where it belongs — In the bag.



Capacity:    13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Bags

Thickness:    26 Micron

Quantities:    15 count, 45 count, 90 count, 140 count, 270 count

Features:  Made with 20% Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic, Hand-Friendly Handles, Super Strong Film, Reinforced Bottom

Learn more about how Hippo Sak Trash Bags made from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic are being used to clean the community.

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