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Hippo Sak, a Division of Crown Poly, Inc.

Proudly Made In The USA

Hippo Sak® is a division of Crown Poly Inc., founded in 1991 and headquartered in Huntington Park, CA, is the market leader in value-added packaging supplies and the only U.S. manufacturer regularly exporting plastic and eco-friendly film packaging products globally. The key to the company’s success comes from its high quality, innovation and value added products. We hold over 100 patents world-wide, allowing us to bring the most technologically advanced products possible to market.




Eco-Friendly Options Available

We offer multiple alternative materials to traditional plastic including Compostable, Plant-Based, Recycled Ocean Plastic to reduce pollution and promote reuse of natural resources.

Stronger to Use Less and Hold More

We use our proprietary process to create the perfect synergy of flexibility and strength. This allows you to fill our bags completely full without worry of holes or tears.

Highest Environmental Standards

All of our products are manufactured with a low carbon footprint and very low water usage. Since they are all manufactured in the United States, we only use the highest environmental standards.

Innovation and Invention

Hippo Sak’s R&D department continues to provide innovative solutions to reduce waste and increase efficiency.  With over 100 patents world wide, we are committed to continuing to looking for new ways to provide disposal bags.

Commitment to the Future

Hippo Sak is committed to exploring new ways to provide our customers with eco-friendly and cost effective bagging solutions while reducing negative impact on our earth.

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