Hippo Sak High Density and Extreme Ice Bags

If you are an athletic trainer or physical therapist, our ice bags are for you.  We have two types of ice bags: 1.  HD which is thinner, stiffer, with a leakproof bottom seal, and gets less condensation on it so that this bag doesn’t drip all over your athlete or patient  and 2. LLD which is super thick, stretchier, and puncture proof to hold large amounts of sharp ice without getting holes in it.

High Density & Xtreme Ice Bags


    Available High Density or Xtreme Linear Low Density bags offer variety to fit your needs.  High Density bags are strong, stay open on their own and collect less condensation as ice melts.  Xtreme Linear Low Density bags are strong, flexible and stretchy and hold ice or liquid, while being leak proof.


    Our Ice bags are sold in bulk quantities, but are offered in easy to store and easy to use options.  Choose between receiving a few Large rolls with larger quantities of bags or Mini rolls to receive more rolls with smaller quantities of bags per roll.

Specifications - Xtreme Ice Bag


Capacity:    3.4 Gallon Bags

Thickness:    15.25 Micron

Quantities:    1440 count (Mini-Roll), 1500 count (Large Roll)

Features: Super stretchy and more puncture resistant for sharp ice. This thicker bag can hold heavier content and weight of ice with no tears.

Material:  High Quality Linear Low Density Film

Specifications - HD Ice Bag


Capacity:    3.4 Gallon Bags

Thickness:    8.5 Micron

Quantities:    2400 count (Mini-Roll), 2600 count (Large Roll)

Features: HD film has less condensation so as ice melts, bags are drip free for the comfort of athletes and patients.

Material:  High Quality High Density Film