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amazon5star100Excellent Bags!!!
 By LISA A ANGELL on February 10, 2016

“We love these trash bags, sounds crazy right? But these bags are very strong and they last us a good while, I only have to order them about once per year. Great handles, easy for my son, mother and myself to pull right out of the kitchen trash can and take out the trash. I will always use these bags and no other.”

 amazon5star100Replacing Name Brand Bags
By Christine C. on February 7, 2016

“The reviews for these trash bags don’t lie. These are by far the best trash bags I’ve bought in a long time. I previously purchased only name brand bags for quality, but these meet or exceed that same quality for quality and quantity. These will now be a permanent purchase for me!!”

  amazon5star100 I’ll Never Buy Other Bags Again!
 By The New Mrs. Wagner on February 1, 2016

“I used to buy Glad Forceflex. After getting tired of them tearing so easily, I began reading reviews on Amazon to find a better option. I’ll never buy another brand of trash bags again!! These are very strong and easier to tie than the flimsy drawstring types. So glad I found these!”

 amazon5star100Durable, But Economically Priced
 By H-Mo on January 11, 2016

These are the most durable bags ever and I buy these regularly and exclusively. They tear from the roll easily without damage and they don’t stick together when you try to open them. The handles are wide and are easy to tie tightly together when full. These bags can really take a lot of cramming without risk of tearing. The price is better than the well-known brands sold at the grocery store and the quality is better than most black garden bags.”

 By Trenta on December 16, 2015

“The Hippo Sak is one of the best purchases I have ever made on Amazon. You might think a trash bag is a trash bag, but Hippo Sak will most definitely change your mind. The bag is EXTREMELY durable, longer/deeper than most, and very easy to tie because of the long handles. All those positives, and then the price makes Hippo Sak absolutely unbeatable! I have sent people home with a bag to try for themselves and everyone loves them. You will never regret purchasing these trash bags.”

amazon5star100Superior Trash Bags
 By T. Oglesby on December 9, 2015
 “These trash bags are the best. I will never use another kind in my kitchen as long as these are available. Love the long handles.”

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