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HippoSak Trash Bags now available on Amazon.com

Not Just Strong, It’s Hippo Strong

  • Strong Bottom Seam – Our patented PowerStrip® technology creates a reinforced bottom seam on our bag, making it 10 times stronger than similar bags. No more leaks, rips or tears from the seam with Hippo Sak®!
  • Strong Film – Our bag is made with a special material blend to prevent punctures. You can be sure that the bag won’t rip.
  • Strong Handles – We offer the only kitchen trash bag with 4-ply extra wide handles that won’t stretch or tear. Our handles are more comfortable to carry, and won’t cut into your hand.

Hippo Sak® 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Trash Bags with Strong Handles make taking out the trash effortless

  •  Easy to Lift  – No more fussing with drawstrings to remove an extra full bag from the can.  With Hippo Sak®, just grab the handles from each side of the can and lift up.  The bag glides out of the can with ease and won’t dig into your palms.
  • Easy to Tie – Simply tie the bag shut using our 7-inch long, extra think handles.  Hippo Sak® trash bags provide an extra 2-inches of length to the bag to ensure easy closure for overstuffed cans.
  • Easy to Carry – Our ergonomic handles lay flat across your palm, as opposed to drawstring bags that cut into your palm, so the bag is comfortable to carry.

We’ve got Handles – A better solution for your cans and hands!

  • Effortless From the Start – Hippo Sak® trash bags offer a snug fit on most tall kitchen trash cans, even the odd shaped ones.  Simply open our static free bags and pull the handles around the outside of the trash can with ease.  No need to worry about tearing a hole through weak film or struggling to stretch the drawstrings to fit around the can. With our bags, lining your trash can is effortless!
  • Go Ahead, Stuff a Hippo Sak® – We add an extra 2 inches to the length of our bag, ensuring that it stays securely in place when your trash can is completely filled.  Trash won’t overflow when you unload the bin and you can fill the bag with more trash.  Since our bags are Hippo Strong, we can handle the extra weight.  That means fewer trips to unload – Finally, a win for the guy taking out the trash!
  • Ergonomic, Comfortable Handles – When it’s time to empty the full trash, our trash bags with handles won’t cut into your hand like drawstring tape. Strong handles make us easier to lift, tie and carry.