Hippo Sak® Extra Large Pet Bags

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Extra Large Pet Bag Detailssatisfaction guarantee

Capacity:   3.4 Gallon Bag (13L)
Thickness:   15 Micron (.59 Mil)
Quantity:   200 Count or 480 Count
Available Compact Dispenser
Odor & Leak Proof
Wide Opening for Large Hands/Scoopers
Eco-Friendly – 100% Recycled Materials

Hippo Sak® Pet Bags are a mess free and environmentally friendly way to pick up after your pet and dispose of their waste.  Our bags are odor and leak proof thanks to our Hippo Strong 8 layer bottom seam. They are EXTRA LARGE which is perfect for use when scooping clean the cat litter box.  Even the largest scoops or hands fit easily inside these bags.  The bags also fold up neatly to be placed in your pocket or can be tied on a leash when it’s time to take your dog on a walk.

Dispenser with Lifetime Guarantee 

  • Convenient Dispensing– Provides convenient one bag at a time dispensing
  • Versatile Placement – Place the dispenser in the garage, outside or by the cat box.  Made to make your clean up chores as easy as possible

Odor and Leak Proof Bags

  • Odor and Leak Proof – Thanks to our reinforced Hippo Strong bottom seam that makes this bag 8 times stronger than comparable bags. Once tied, our bags keep in any odor and mess your pet leaves behind.
  • Hippo Strong – Our Durable Film holds in waste along with litter sand with no tears, so you can be sure to dispose of the waste without making a mess.
  • Wide Opening  – Our bags are wide and long enough to ensure pet waste can be scooped in and stays in, while leaving plenty of room to tie the bag shut.

All Hippo Sak Bags are environmentally friendly using the most current technologies to support source reduction and promote recyclingLove Your Pets and The World They Live In

  • Recycled Materials – Our eco-friendly bags are made of 100% recycled content.
  • Recyclable – They are also 100% Recyclable

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