Hippo Sak® Heavy Duty Jumbo Litter Liners

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Litter Liner Bag Details           satisfaction guarantee

Capacity:   27.5 IN X 43 IN
Thickness:   50.8 Micron
Quantities:   20 count
Most Sanitary Liner Available
Fully Covers Entire Litter Box
Ties Completely Shut

Hippo Sak® Heavy Duty Litter Liner Bags are the only full coverage liner bags on the market. To use, simply slide your jumbo litter box completely into the bag, tie the handles at the back end of the litter box and add litter. No more bags slipping into the litter pan. Plus the 2 mil thick bag is shred resistant, so your mess is handled. When ready to remove, untie handles and slide bag off the box inside out by the handles. Tie bag shut and throw out like a garbage bag. Keeping the dirty litter securely in the bag and away from your hands and nose, making this bag more sanitary.

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Unique On and Off

Step 1 – Gently slide the entire cat litter box into the full coverage Hippo Sak Litter Liner

Step 2 – For best fit, be sure the bottom seam is placed at the top edge of the cat litter box and tie or tuck handles under the litter box

Step 3 – To empty, simply use the comfortable handles to pull bag inside out while sliding the bag off the cat litter box

Cat Litter Bag-1
Step 1

Cat Litter Bag-No Strip copy
Step 2

Cat Litter Bag-3-No Strip
Step 3

lifting bagMost Sanitary Liner

Designed to Keep You Clean – Our full coverage “trash bag” design allows for easy removal and disposal of the full litter liner bag without having to touch anywhere near where your cat “went”.  When carrying the bag out, simply hold by the hand-friendly handles and keep that litter as far away from your nose as possible.


Only Litter Liner Designed to Fully Cover the Litter Box

Fits Jumbo and Odd Shaped Litter Boxes  – Designed to cover the top, sides and bottom of your litter box.  This prevents bags from slipping in and allows the bag to be shaped to fit your box.

Jumbo Litter Box Side View
Note: Jumbo Litter box 22L X 16.5W X 6.5H pictured

Ties Completely Shut to Lock-In Odor

Your Nose Will Thank You – Once ready to carry out the used litter, remove the bag by sliding it inside out off the litter box, tie the handles shut (we recommend knotting it) and carry easily out to the trash bin.  Dirty litter sits at the bottom of the bag well away from hands and your nose.


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