Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Trash Bags Available on Amazon.com
Why deal with Drawstrings when you can have Strong Handles with Hippo Sak!
With a strong bottom seam, film, and handles, HippoSak is Hippo Strong.

Save 10% off your first purchase of 90 count or 270 count Hippo Sak® Trash Bags on Amazon.com*

Our Hippo Sak® Tall Kitchen Trash Bags are the TOP RATED trash bags on Amazon.com!

We make our bags Hippo Strong with our patented PowerStrip® technology which reinforces the bottom seam, our specially blended durable film, and our 4-ply extra wide strong handles.  That means with Hippo Sak® you don’t have to worry about leaks, holes or tears!  And Strong Handles make them easy to lift, easy to tie and easy to carry!  So say goodbye to your old drawstring bag – our handles are a better solution for your cans and hands!  But don’t take our word for it, try a free sample of Hippo Sak® Tall Kitchen Trash Bags for yourself today!  We’re sure you’ll agree –

It’s Not Just Strong, It’s Hippo Strong!

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Why deal with Drawstrings when you can have Strong Handles with Hippo Sak!
HippoSak Trash Bags feature a strong bottom seam and Power Strip technology.
HippoSak Trash Bags are only kitchen trash bags with 4-ply extra handles.
HippoSak Trash Bags are made with a strong plastic film and designed to prevent punctures.
Hippo Sak Garbage Bags feature Strong Handles that are wide and comfortable to use
HippoSak Trash Bag with Handles is Easy to Tie
HippoSak Ergonomically designed Trash Bags allow for easy carrying out the Garbage.

*Coupon code will be emailed to you.  In order to redeem coupon on Amazon.com you MUST SELECT HIPPO SAK AS THE SELLER.  Items “Sold by Amazon do not qualify for this special offer.