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Daily’s Storage & Disposal Bag Details

Capacity:    3.4 Gallon Bag
Thickness:   8 Micron
Quantities:   225  bags plus dispenser                    450 bag refill pack
Odor and Leak Proof
Multi-purpose storage & disposal
Compact Dispenser

Hippo Sak® Daily’s Storage and Disposal bags are the perfect bags for your daily needs.  These extra large (15×20 inches) bags are great for a wide variety of uses. The star sealed bottom makes these leak proof, allowing the bags to hold in liquid, odor and anything else you choose to use them for. They are economical, convenient and can be used anywhere in your home or on the go. They come with a compact dispenser that releases one bag at a time, slightly opened and ready for use. 

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Use for any of your Daily needs!


Dispenses where you need it!

  • Compact Dispenser – Our compact Daily’s Bag Dispenser can be discreetly placed in any location you’d like.  It dispense one bag at a time that is slightly opened and ready for use.  Dispenser can be placed in any room in your home or even in your car for use on-the-go.
  • Economical – Stop wasting money on over priced storage bags that will be used once then thrown away! Our bags are cost effective while still offering a high quality solution for all your bagging needs.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – If you have any problems with your Daily’s dispenser, we will replace it free of charge.

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