Hippo Sak® Adult Undergarment Disposal Bag


Undergarment Disposal Bag Detailssatisfaction guarantee

 Capacity:   3.4 Gallon Bag (13 L)
 Thickness:   8 Micron (.31 Mil)
 Quantities:   375 count or 900 count
Available Compact Dispenser
Extra Long & Wide Opening
Odor and Leak Proof
Discreet and Convenient

Hippo Sak® Extra Large Undergarment Disposal Bags are perfect for use in the home or on the go for discreet and sanitary disposal of adult incontinence products. They are extra long and wide to hold adult size disposable undergarments or sanitary napkins.  Our compact dispenser can be placed in a cabinet or in a drawer for convenient dispensing and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  

Lifetime Guaranteed Dispenserundergarment disposal bag dispenser

  • Convenient Dispensing – Provides convenient one bag at a time dispensing
  • Versatile Placement – Can be placed in a discreet and convenient location along side your sanitary disposal items

Perfect for Adult-Sized DisposalDiaper Bag Extended-length

  •  Extra Wide and Long– 2.5 times larger than bags made for infant diapers
  •  Long Enough to Fill and Tie – These bags are 20 inches x 15 inches long to easily hold disposable undergarments, sanitary napkins or incontinence pads with plenty of room to tie shut. 
  • Other Use – These bags are also great for lining small waste baskets

Lock In Odor with Hippo Sak®

Discreet and Convenientdiscreet_lady

  • When Discretion is Important – Opaque white bags keeps contents private from prying eyes
  • Take Along – Easily tuck in a pocket or purse for on the move use
  • Easy to Use and Store – Our handy roll keeps bags organized and that much easier to use

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