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Plant-Based Tall Kitchen Trash Bag

Save Your Hands.  And Our Planet.

Introducing the ONLY trash bag Made From Plants! We use sugar cane instead of fossil fuel to produce our Hippo Sak Plant-Based Tall Kitchen Bags with Hand-Friendly Handles, which reduces our carbon footprint. These bags are 100% recyclable, Made in the USA and Guaranteed Stronger Than All Leading Brands! 

So now you can Take Out the Trash – Without Trashing the Planet.

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Tall Kitchen Trash Bag

Guaranteed Stronger than Leading Brands!

HSTKB 45 C box_early versionHippo Sak® Tall Kitchen Trash Bags with Hand-Friendly Handles are 10 times stronger than similar trash bags on the market.  We use innovative technologies when making our 4-ply extra wide Hand-Friendly Handles, Super Strong Film, our patented PowerStrip® Reinforced Bottom – which means no more leaks, holes or tears with our bag!  

With Hippo Sak® it’s GARBAGE. HANDLED.

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About Us

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Hippo Sak® has innovative products that benefit the environment while delivering high performance


Hippo Sak® is a division of Crown Poly Inc., founded in 1991 and headquartered in Huntington Park, CA, is the market leader in value-added packaging supplies and the only U.S. manufacturer regularly exporting plastic film packaging products globally. The key to the company’s success comes from its high quality, innovation and value added products. We hold over 100 patents world-wide, allowing us to bring the most technologically advanced products possible to market.


Hippo Sak® products, like all products made by Crown Poly, are manufactured with a low carbon footprint and very low water usage. All of its products are made of raw materials from natural gas, not crude oil. All of our products are manufactured in the United States with the highest environmental standards. Crown Poly is EPR accredited with a superior rating and has won the California state WRAP award for 13 years. Crown Poly is an environmental innovator in our market for source reduction, reuse and recycling.

 All Hippo Sak Bags are environmentally friendly using the most current technologies to support source reduction and promote recycling

Hippo Sak Cares About the Environment

Hippo Sak® Tall Kitchen Trash Bags are 2 inches longer than the leading brands which allows them to hold more volume per bag than other trash bags on the market, which means you can put more trash in each of our bags and reduces the number of bags you need to use.

Our packaging is made of 100% recycled materials and are recyclable.  We also package our products in the most space-saving, compact way possible.  This allows us to use less materials for packaging than the leading competitors.

Need More information? Contact Hippo Sak Today!

  • 5700 Bickett St, Huntington Park, CA, 90255
  • 323-585-5522
  • webmaster@crownpoly.com

Thank you for your interest in Hippo Sak® Products.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have and always look forward to comment and suggestions about our products.


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